Carolyn: Senior 2009

Her strawberry golden hair glinting in the sun, Carolyn smiled a bit shyly as she and her mom met me a couple of weeks ago for her senior portrait session. Carolyn didn't have any locations in mind, and was happy with my suggestion of an adventure in Apple Hill; many thanks to her mom, who was an excellent chauffeur! :) Carolyn was a trooper, and put up with my crazy ideas with great patience! Thank you, Carolyn, for choosing me to do your very special senior photos, I had a fun time with you!

A fun little side note... I got to do Carolyn's sister Laura's senior portraits last year, which you can see here. The fun part is that I also have a sister named Carolyn, only she is the older one. Both sets of us are just shy of two years apart too! It was weird to be chatting to Carolyn about her sister Laura! :)

With no further ado... I introduce to you Carolyn, lover of yellow! :) (I was SO excited to find YELLOW for her, since it is her favorite color - and she looks SO good with it too, don't you agree??)

(Okay, I have to give a little background here: Last year when doing Carolyn's sister's portraits we spontaneously did this little funny face thing, which I then put into a collage, that their dad fell in love with... so we thought it would be fun to do something similar with Carolyn... fun!)

I can't help myself, I have to close with a shoe shot... I'm getting addicted to these shots! I love how a person's shoes tell so much about them! :)


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