The Love of God

If you haven't seen this yet, take a minute or two and sit down to watch it! It brought me to tears and I was reminded anew of my Savior's love for me. This Lifehouse's Everything skit was filmed at Winterfest 2007 in Knoxville, TN.

On another note, Due to software difficulties, I haven't been able to finish editing the latest photos - the new software is due in the mail Nov. 2... until then, I've been cleaning a lot, re-decorating our home, dreaming of editing (I love playing with photos!), and catching up on the office paperwork for my husband's business.

Happy Autumn!



Well, I am in the middle of an avalanche of photo editing and orders to fill... I've got none to share because they are all on the laptop and I'm feeling lazy tonight. Karate student photos coming soon, as well as Sean + Kerri and family (which turned out adorable, btw!).

To tide you over, here is a quick laugh!

Earlier today while snuggling with my two year old daughter, I whispered in her ear,

"I love you, Evangeline!"

Without missing a beat, she replied,


Isn't she adorable?! :)



An Old Fashioned Tea Party

The air was filled with soft giggles and wispering from the young girls, as their mothers sat and conversed in low tones. Freshly curled ringlets bobbed up and down as the girls flounced in their beautiful "fancy dress up dresses", alternately twirling and then gracefully lounging on the chairs, nibbling on the tiny muffins and other delicacies.

After formal portraits, Lady T announced that tea was to be served, and welcomed the ladies to their seats. As they ate the gourmet sandwiches and sipped tea from Lady T's grandmother's tea cups, each mother read aloud proper etiquette of women from the 1800's. They then discussed each valued character and corresponding Bible verses, and how these applied in today's world. As I packed up my equipment, the gentle voices drifted throughout the room, speaking a melody of praise to our Lord.

Thank you, Christina, for the honor of documenting your lovely tea party. I had a wonderful time!



Morgan: Senior 2008

Last Tuesday I met Morgan on Main Street for some senior photos and I had such a fabulous time! Morgan is a beauty both inside and out, and her willingness to do anything I asked came in handy... I was feeling inspired that day, so the shoot just went on and on, almost an hour longer than normal! :)

We found some great new locations, and had a blast trying all sorts of things, from demure girly to urbin hip. I have waaaayyyy to many favorites, but grabbed a few to share. Don't her chocolate eyes just draw you in?!

I can't decide which style I like better of the below image... any votes?

Thanks, Morgan, for being up for anything, even in high heels! :) I had a total blast!