Mari's Babies

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Mari, her mother, and Mari's two adorable babies, 19 month old Gabriel and 7 month old Gracie. We met at the most amazing park I've been to in quite a while... I hope to introduce it to my girlies next time we are in the area! I had a fabulous time with Mari and her babies... two happy babies at these ages right before nap time shows what a great mom she is! :)

Gracie's perfectly round cherubic cheeks were soooo yummy; she was the most observant 'old soul' I've seen in awhile, content to just watch and soak in her surroundings. Gabriel on the other hand, was all boy - running, running, and running! :) Happiest on the playground slides, he never sat still, which made getting a photo of all them together a challenge! I personally love the few I did manage to get - they show the real and sweet interaction between the three of them. For a toddler approaching nap time and who is currently teething multiple molars, Gabriel did a great job putting up with the strange girl and her big camera in his face! :)

Mari, thank you for trusting me with capturing your beautiful children! I am so glad to have finally met you!

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I've been blessed with the most amazing grandmother anyone could wish for. Grandmary has the greenest green thumb ever, surrounding her home with riots of color all season long. Her favorite plant to grow is the rose, any kind of rose, all colors, and she is familiar with all of them! :) Her rose garden has yet to meet it's match!

You would think that with a view like this (the photo below is the view from her home and gardens), one would be content to just sit and look at God's beauty, happy to let Him do all the work. Not Grandmary! She thrives on her roses. Some are from her mother in law years and years ago, some from friends, others she saw somewhere and after finding the name, went and had the local nursery order some for that season! She has instilled in her children (my mom), and now grandchildren including myself, a love for gardening, color, and enjoying the beautiful world that God has given us to play with.