Our Thanksgiving weekend was a busy few days, but we enjoyed our time with family!

Thanksgiving Day we celebrated by running a 5k in the first annual Turkey Trot in Folsom... they were expecting 6-700, but nearly 2000 showed up! It was a fun time, but crazy with the amount of people. I booked it the first mile or so, running in the weeds on the side of the trail, to get past the hordes. I was feeling a bit out of sorts that day, but overall I was happy with how I ran... I still beat my personal record from the last race. I'm not pushing myself (only running once a week will do that!), but just having fun.

Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving at my family's home, and Sunday at Scott's family's home. We had something extra special to give thanks about this year!

Yes, you may have heard the news - we are expecting!! :)

I am due next summer in the middle of July, which puts me smack dab in the middle of "morning" sickness. I've been feeling extra sick this time around, which makes me wonder if we may get a little boy this time... Elizabeth is positive we have a baby girl coming though! :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and are enjoying your turkey sandwiches today.


Doug + Stacey + Family

The day was perfect as the sun glistened through the trees; the unusually warm and sedate temperature making for a lovely and unhurried photo session with Doug, Stacey, and their three teens. We traipsed all over their lovely property and had such a grand time with all the different possibilities for amazing images!

This is the longest photo session I've done with a family to date... although as I think about it, the kids are older and probably have more patience than little ones like mine! The whole family was such a good sport, all the way to the end. There were sooo many amazing images that I've had such a hard time picking just a few favorites! Due to my lack of being able to choose... you get to enjoy a multitude as well! :)

Thanks, guys, for such warm welcome - I had a fabulous time!

(btw, to see the photos enlarged, just click on the image and it will bring up a bigger version.)

this is one of my fav's... I love the motion blur behind her!

Sorry this collage is so small... I just laugh everytime I see it! If you can't tell, Stacey couldn't do the straight face for long... I love Doug's sideways glance at her when she lost it! (click for bigger view)

I love Megan's 'Ipod' poses...



Sean + Keri + Family

Their big eyes peered at my camera with part curiosity and part resignment on their faces. With freshly baked treats from the Fudge Factory waiting for them, Christian, Leah and Mikaela were on model behavior! Kids never stay quiet for long though, and soon we were having fun with silly faces, forward rolls, and tickling! Sean & Keri, the kids, & Sean's mother were such a joy to capture... I really enjoyed the afternoon!

The family is moving to Texas in the near future, to on staff at Gospel For Asia. It has been such a neat thing to watch as God has called their family on this new and exciting road!



A break from editing would be the doctor's order, if there were a doctor in the house... so since I got some photos off the laptop finally, I'll start catching up on my blog with our vacation over a month ago.

My family has a tradition, you see. Every year, 3rd week of September, come rain or shine, cars breaking down (literally), or snow (yep), we make the trek. I've been there so many times that I feel like a local, knowing many of the roads, secret paths, and hidden spots. This year was a blast, as in one from the north pole. It was frigid and rainy most of the time, but we made the best of it and thanked ourselves for having such great friends that own 40 foot RVs! :)

Comfort and warmth won out over style and color coordination for Julianne!

My brother Daniel and his wife Angela came with their boy Caleb... he was in heaven with all the sticks, rocks, and dirt!

One of the sunny days while on a bike ride around the valley I decided to try to find images that the average John Doe tourist wouldn't see. Hidden on one of the back roads was this neat old warehouse, looking practically untouched since the 40's or 50's, ...

This Craftsman style cottage from the same era is probably my favorite image from the whole trip - I shot it from the hip, while riding on a bike! :)

The valley was also very smokey, due to these control burns.

One of the reasons I love going every year is that when the weather turns nasty and the rangers decide to play with matches, it doesn't ruin our "once in a lifetime" experience as it would very likely some cute little Asian lady on a day trip bus tour from San Francisco!

The other sunny day a big group of us went on a hike to the top of Vernal Falls....

By the end of the first mile or so, everyone had split into little groups going at different paces. I hiked with Josh & Amy, a couple from So Cal that our friends invited. Amy and I hit it off well, and I think we are destined for a great friendship in the years ahead! :)

... And now it is time for me to get back to those photos. Sean + Kerri, Doug + Stacey, and their kiddos need their images! :)


BRYSON: Senior 2008

His beaming smile brightened the courtyard visibly, with bright blue eyes sparkling the entire session. Showing some awesome "wheelies", Bryson was up for anything I suggested! His demeanor spoke volumes of being happy, well balanced, and being entirely fulfilled in Jesus. His cheery face is such a joy to see every Sunday at church! Bryson is graduating this next year from high school, looking forward with great ambition to designing web pages as a home based business.

Thanks, Bryson, for trusting me with your special senior photos! I enjoyed my time to the fullest!