Missing for twenty years

"I found 'em!! I found 'em!!" My grandmother's voice was bubbling with happiness and joy one morning a few months ago, as she excitedly explained her cause of jubilation.

It turns out, around 20 years ago Grandmary had misplaced a box of her treasured jewelry... not expensive in cost, but valued in beauty and memories. After searching high and low at the time, she had given them up for good, attributing their disappearance possibly to an unpleasant renter who had taken other things and left about that time.

One household move and twenty years passed until one morning this past Spring when Grandmary was getting something out of her rarely used laundry room upper cabinets. She noticed a box at the back of one of the shelves and used a stool to climb up for a closer look. Lo and behold, it was her missing jewelry, lying untouched inside for all that time! In the move, the box had somehow been shuffled to the new home without ever being discovered!

This summer Grandmary treated my siblings John and Mary and my aunt Minda all to 3rd row seats at the visiting Andre Riu concert! They got fancied up for the evening on the town, Grandmary proudly wearing some of her newly discovered jewelry! She looked positively radiant, as did the rest of the group! I am proud to call them my family! :)

When I think of Grandmary, I simultaneously think of roses, as they are one of her greatest joys in life, and she has over 30 different varieties growing in her beautiful rose garden! I think it was fitting to do her portrait with her roses and pretty bling bling!

This is WAM, my one of a kind Wild Aunt Minda! Who else has an aunt who will take all the kids she can fit in her old car to town for ice cream, drive down Main Street with the windows down while everyone yells and waves to all they see... not to mention doing DONUTS IN THE PARKING LOT??!!! My aunt is amazing, and I love her! :)

I can hardly believe this is my youngest brother, John! He is nearly 18, and the most amazing man. He will be quite the catch to the perfect girl someday!

This is Mary, my 15 year old sister... this photo captures the essence of her personality so well! Spunky, happy, full of life, sunshine and giggles! I love how we have become better friends over the past year or so, and have enjoyed our hang out times!


An Original Wedding March!

I have so many photo shoots to share, but this had me laughing so hard this morning that I couldn't keep it to myself! :) Enjoy!



The Morrow Family

Gulping air in an attempt to balance my breathing, I thrust my palm upwards into her face as I simultaneously used my legs to throw her off of me. Finally successful in escaping the jujitsu pin, I grinned in sweaty triumph! Katrina is one wily girl! :) Twice a week we meet for self-defense private lessons with our instructor (and my husband) Scott Newman. Even though it is sweaty and sometimes leaves reminders for a few days, I am loving the boost to my personal awareness and self confidence!

Awhile back Katrina asked me if we could get together with the rest of her family and do some fun portraits. She wanted to have some special photos to take with her on her travels this next year with inner-city mission work. We met up at a local winery that has gorgeous grounds open to the public, Boeger Winery.

With only a few moments with the whole family we just got a few different backgrounds, but they turned out fun I think! The kids had more time to spare so I spent some time with each one individually. Katrina is the oldest, followed by Katy, Jeff, Michael and Kimberly; each one was full of personality and fun to get to know!

Thanks guys for putting up with my crazy requests for places to go, and patience with me as we wandered around in the heat! I enjoyed meeting the rest of Kat's family!