Girlie Vacation & Conrad

I'm packing my scrapbooking stash, my laptop full of photos waiting to be processed, tanning oil, and snack foods... I am going out of town on a girlie vacation!!!

Some of my girlfriends from church planned a little mini vacation (we are renting a beautiful and quiet[!] house in Tahoe) and invited me to join them. Scott, being the most amazing husband in the world, was the first to say yes and calm my worries about leaving ALL 3 kids[!] with him for two and a half days! Can you tell by all the asterisks that I am hopping up and down inside with glee?! :) Two whole days of adult, girlie conversations sounds amazing to me.

I thought I'd leave you with something to bring a smile to your face today, to match the grin on mine. When I was in Tennessee a few weeks ago, I was introduced to this little munchkin, the son of an old friend of mine. Conrad is 9 months here... he and William are only 6 days apart. It was so hilarious to watch this little guy chomp that banana like it was going out of style! Isn't he just the sweetest thing?! :)


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  1. Hope you have an awesome time on your girlie vacation! time without kiddos (as much as we love them) is always needed for us mommies!!!! I just took one myself, but went with my hubby. It was great! love the picks of the little banana eater, he's adorable :) Anna