Jenny: Senior 2009

Curls bouncing, her deep velvety brown eyes smiled as she skipped over to greet me. Jenny chose to have her senior photos done at her home, a gorgeous place brimming with quiet mountain beauty.

Jenny is hoping to continue her love for barrel racing with her horse in college, but whatever she decides to pursue I know she will do it with a genuine heart and smile!

Thank you, Jenny, for being so fun and easy to photograph! I truly had a blast and greatly enjoyed capturing your loveliness! Thanks also to your mom for the ride down to the river and being your amazing wardrobe assistant. :)



Riding on a Jet Plane

The buzz of life is at a full blown roar these days... I have so much to share, but lately I have had "writer's block" and this poor blog has suffered because of it. I will attempt to get back on track soon, very soon.

Tomorrow morning William and I are flying across the nation for the weekend. I have been asked to do some product photos and family portraits for some friends who own/run a herb business. Hopefully I'll have some fun outtakes to share in a week or so!

I've been hard at work behind the scenes on various photo projects and post processing. I'll close with a teaser of a session I hope to blog very very soon!