Denise {business head shots}

Her sparkly blue eyes and smile light up every place she goes with a cheerfulness and joy that is contagious... Her zest for fullness of life and adventure has left footprints that go deep in the hearts of many around the globe. A world traveler, whitewater river guide, face painter, and a pro wheelbarrow racer among many other things, Denise is one of those girls you meet and just know it will be a good friendship!

I can't help but bust a gut laughing over the craziest things whenever I get to hang with Denise, so when she asked me to help her out with some head shots she needs for her business, I knew it was going to be a fun shoot! She wanted to go with more of a businessy theme, but if you'd seen us trotting around (with one of Denise's feet in a $150 boot, compliments of a skiing fumble), doubling over with bursts of laughter every other second, you'd have thought it was the latest comedy show come to town! :) Denise was amazing to photograph, and even though we had loads of fun, we also accomplished what we set out to do: awesome head shots!