Real People

His twinkling eyes betray the laughter living inside and her huge ready grin that spreads all the way up to squeeze her eyes almost shut are some of the greatest reasons I love to hang out with Mike and Debi Pearl! They have the greatest sense of humor, and I love all the hilarious (and true!) stories they both come up with!

Their daughter Shoshanna and I met years ago, at what some would call a "chance meeting" - both of us over a thousand miles from our homes... but it was kindred spirits from the first moment! Debi actually met me first and called Shoshanna over to introduce us, sensing that we would be a great match for friendship. Since that day over 11 years ago, Shoshanna and I have traded visits, gone on cross country road trips, and had a whole ton of fun doing it all!

I love that their family is genuine, real, and down-to-earth... not changing their way of life with the opportunities of ease they could have chosen with their busy schedule heading up their large ministry, No Greater Joy. Instead they have delegated, and have a wonderful team of people who do much of the business side, which enables them to direct and write articles while still living a "real" life... using their own hands to do gardening (to eat, not just to look at), build things (such as houses and wood mills), clean house, and spend time together.

While visiting this Spring to do some photography work for Shoshanna and her husband James' business, the Bulk Herb Store, we crammed in some time one Sunday morning before church to do some relaxed photos of her family with her parents. They also wanted to document the amazing house that Mike is currently building for his bride at the top of their property... with almost a 360 degree view! Mike hauled all the rock up there with James, after digging each one out of an old abandoned quarry; he is cutting each one to fit in it's special place. Each portion of the foundation is amazing and custom fitted to showcase the beauty of each rock. It is beautiful, and it is being built by a big old mountain man, who lives his life for real and won't slow down!


And William is One

His squishy baby chub is soooo perfect and soft, his smile filled with 6 teeth flashes all day long, and his newly perfected art of screaming is filling the air with his presence! William turned a whole year old last month ( I know, I know, I'm more than late... third child syndrome?) on the 16th. He has brought much joy to our home this past year and we were all excited to celebrate him!

I took the little man out into the yard and snapped these photos on the run - literally - one afternoon to document his adorableness, and then whipped up this little card to invite the family to his party. And boy did we party! :) We cooled off in the pool and ate our fill of the most adorable monkey cake that Auntie Robin made. William loved it! I know people say the first few birthdays are for the parents, not the child, but this little man disproved that theory. He had a blast with all the attention, water, cake, and toys!

I love to design fun, unique cards of all kinds for my clients, so if you are interested in something that is original and fits your style, e-mail me at LNphotography at juno dot com!




Don't stop, keep moving, keep sorting/filing/editing photos for friends and clients that are waiting! Keep family first, spend time with Scott, make dinner, keep those 3 little faces in focus, clean the house from top to bottom in preparation of the coming yard sale... Can't stop my mind spinning at high speed with business marketing and design for LNphoto, waking at 4:30 am brimming with amazing clarity for my Game Plan...

In a condensed nutshell, this is what has occupied much of my mind and life as of late! :) I've got a few thousand photos to finish in the next week for different clients, so I'm sorry this blog has been so lonely - I aim to be more faithful to myself in this area.

As the kids get their Vitamin D I have had a few moments here and there to garden, which is something I very much love.

Enjoy a few images of the corner in my yard where I love to lay in the sun and breath deeply of the mixing aromas of damp earth, flowers, and grass as the bees buzz happily amongst the blooms!

PS - If anybody would like a few of those beautiful bright red Flanders Poppy seeds, I've been harvesting them like crazy and would love to spread their happy sunshine to others' gardens! Just shoot me an email (up at the top under my bio photo) with your mailing address and I'll get them out soon!



Princess Evangeline

"I want to dress up like a real princess, and can I wear some of your make-up too?!" Evangeline's little voice was breathless with excitement, joy, and anticipation. Our little Squeakydink, as her daddy calls her, is turning FOUR this weekend, and in honor of this rite of passage she requested get all fancy for some pictures. Yep, she's my girl!

"When I turn four will I get very tall with my legs and hands?" and, "I want to turn five instead of four, and then next year I will be four, okay?"... these are the sweet little comments that our girlie is spouting this week as she is 100% consumed with the fact that she will no longer be three!

Here's to another great and wonderful year with our beautiful princess!