I can't wait to share the rest of Matt & Jen's wedding from last Sunday with you, but for now here is a image that was just begging for some words! :)

Happy Autumn day to you all! The weather is finally behaving itself accordingly, and even though I will miss summer very much I do love me some autumn color, smells, and coziness!



Dave + Remy

The summer sun was filling my aunt's back yard with a golden glow when my cousin Dave and his bride Remy became husband and wife. The evening was a sweet time with a few friends and relatives as we all celebrated their love and commitment for each other!

Introducing my niece Madeline, the newest fashionista!

Aunt Minda pinning the corsage on my grandfather's shirt.

Grandmary watching her first grandchild marry his bride!


Introducing Mr. & Mrs. with their beautiful girl Avery! I love how adoring Dave's glance is in the image on the left!

The beautiful cake, made by a talented neighbor.

Just look at that look!! :)

Dave and Grandmary.

Smiling faces.

There were bubbles for the kids... and not so much kids! :)

Aunt Minda & I.




The {not so} Lazy Days of Summer in Tennessee

Happy Labor Day to you, and you, and you! :)

As I start the packing frenzy in preparation for our vacation, I wanted to take a little moment to share some snippets of our trip to Tennessee this summer as a family... it was a work vacation for me, but the whole family got to come along for the fun! My friend Shoshanna and I were working on a large project that took the better part of two weeks to accomplish, but the result should be worth it! The debut is nearing, so stay tuned! :)

Here are a few photos from the trip that are my favorites... most are from projects but a few are just behind the scenes fun pictures that let you see what we were doing!

William was so thrilled to be pushed in the swing on Jame's and Shoshanna's front porch! I love the sheer delight in his chubby little face!

I was working in the house when Shoshanna called me to come quick with the camera... Jeremiah and Evangeline were working hard together to carry the tub of peaches that they had picked all by themselves. I was so delighted to catch this series all completely candid. I haven't figured out what I want to do with the photos... maybe make a card with them? So sweet!

Elizabeth was happy to dance with her beautiful red clover crown on top of her curls...

A summer rainstorm made the perfect lighting for this moody shoot... can't you just taste the herbal tea?!

A friend is expecting her third baby in a few months and didn't have any photos to remember this precious time in her life, so we took 20 minutes one morning and got some sweet images that she loves!




Hot Summer Days, Part 4

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope your 4 day weekend has started off well... mine has just begun! I spent the morning wrapping up the projects I mentioned yesterday, racing to the Post Office at 12:02 to get the important package mailed... thank goodness they had not locked the doors yet! What a relief it was to walk out those double doors and have another thing on my list crossed off!

As for the next few days, I intend to enjoy them at full speed... two weddings, a photo shoot, and prepping for our annual family vacation. Yes, it is that time of year again - Yosemiteeeeee!!!

Every year growing up, with very few exceptions, we have taken a week away from life's constraints and camped in the valley as a family. We bring our sleeping bags, bikes, delicious food, funny stories, plans for lots of day hikes (yes, I HAVE made it to the top of Half Dome!), singing voices for the campfire, and bravery to chase away the bears! Oh yes, and FRIENDS. Every year it has been a little different, each one a wonderful experience and memory... some years it was just my mom, dad, and siblings, and Cez, a family friend; others we have had over 100 people! A few years back some close long-time family friends, the Pecks, started coming and now they have their whole extended family joining the party too! Here are some other posts about our fun times in The Valley!

The times around the campfire every night are some of my favorite moments during the week - when marshmallows are toasting and sticky fingers are covered in chocolate, and our hearts are joined together in worshipping the Creator of the stunning landscape we are surrounded by. It is then that the stories from the heart start coming, the hurts, the trials, the triumphs, and blessings. When I can look up and see the silouettes of the large pine trees part and reveal the bright twinkling stars in the sky and feel the Lord's presence among us, His people.

I am so grateful that I can continue to pass this tradition and memory-making vacation down on to my own three children!

I am sure you might be getting tired of seeing photos from this fun afternoon with my sisters and girlies, but I love them and can't help but share my favorites... I have always been infatuated with the beautiful tall wild grass that shimmers and glows in the late afternoon sun, and I was happy to finally capture a few images with this in mind!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Hot Summer Days, Part 3

As I sit here with papers strewn about me in testament to all the things I still need to do... I stare at the screen that has three different windows open, a wedding that needs to be wrapped up in post editing, Quick Books with all that entails (Yay!... yes, that was sarcastic), and this blog, a needed diversion. A welcome respite from number crunching, white balance and exposure tweaking. Because yes, those three do go together - at least today for me, the woman who can't even say things right anymore because she's spinning too many tops!

But you know what? I am sitting on CLEAN carpet (edging included!), a tidy house with TWO clean loads of laundry, and a full tummy of delicious smoothie! You must be thinking I am superwoman, right? No, don't get your hopes up. It's my amaaazzing and wonderful man who not only runs a business, works 8 hours a day, but also helps me out when I am so out of it that I twist my words up so bad I don't even know what I was trying to say! I am so grateful for a man who picks me up when I fall down, leads me when I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open, and laughs at me when I mix up my words!
Oh, and you know what else?! He started teaching Elizabeth to read this week. Yes, all on his own. They are working through the reader that my own mother taught me to read with.... so we know it works, eh?! :) It has been so sweet to listen to them work through M A T, H A T, S A M, D A D, etc.! I am so blessed by seeing Scott step in and spend such valuable time with Elizabeth that will impact the rest of her life.

Before I get back to whip those projects on the other open windows into shape, let's hear three cheers for hot summer days with the people we love!!! This old barn must be over 100 years old, and I can just picture a lively band sitting in the corner among the shadows playing happily along to a barn dance!