William's Labor Story

A few friends have asked for the details of William's arrival, so if you are not interested in such things, be forewarned!!

The small contractions that rolled through irregularly on and off all day Tuesday made me guess that our little man would be making his debut fairly soon.

Scott stayed home from work to help out and spend some time with the girls and I, and in the evening we went to Home Depot so he could get a few things for the house remodel. The thought of standing still while he picked out his items was too much for me as the contractions were getting more distracting and uncomfortable, so I spent the hour or more we were there walking around looking at everything from sinks and kitchen layouts to plants and flowers... pausing every 10 minutes or so for a contraction. It was a great way to distract myself, get an hour long walk, and help kick things in gear. I suppose starting things off at Home Depot was a perfectly rational thing to do since this was all for a boy! :)

After getting home and putting the girls to bed, we stayed up and watched a movie until midnight, which helped keep my mind off my belly some more... and then went to bed. Notice I did not choose the word 'sleep', as that would have been impossible! :) After an hour or so, I couldn't lie still any longer, so I rocked in the rocking chair and hummed songs during the contractions (which, btw, were still around 10 min. apart, and short... though they were getting harder).

By 3 am Scott noticed a change in the pattern of things and started loading the car with our bags... while I kept protesting that the contractions weren't strong enough or long enough to be serious yet. Around 3:50 am all of a sudden I was feeling the need to hurry up and get over to the cabin, so Scott called the midwives, who live an hour away, and we got the girls in the car and headed over to my parent's guest house, where we had already planned to have the baby (both of my other babies have been born there as well).

We arrived around 4:15 and straightway I got into the inflatable pool. It was such a welcome feeling, to be enveloped in warm water, and cushioned by air... no pressure points anywhere! The contractions started picking up steam and when the midwives arrived at 5 am, they were intense, but still short. I thought I had a long ways to go, since the longest contraction was only 45 seconds (with my other 2 births they were 60-90 seconds) but Marlene, one of the midwives checked and said he was ready to come out! I pushed 6 times, with 2 contractions, and William was born at 5:21! I was so amazed that he was out and it was over and done with, that I just cried and cried. I'm such an emotional sap... crying that labor was over and my baby was here so fast!

Here is William, minutes old, still in the birthing pool...

William, about 20 minutes old...

So there you have it! No drugs, no intervention, no tears, cuts, or stitches, no white walls and metal beds... though those most certainly have their time and place. I am so grateful to the Lord for such a stress free birth, and most of all, a healthy baby boy. William was born at 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and 20.75 inches.



{click on image to see it larger... by the way, does anyone know how to make the images display larger here?}

I apologize for the long delay in posting this wonderful news... William is two weeks old today, and life is still a bit like spinning and tumbling around in the dryer. ;)

William is a wonderful boy - hungry as can be... and when he isn't eating, filling his diaper, or sleeping, he is a fairly happy little man, for which I am grateful! We've had a few sleepless nights, but overall he is a pretty good sleeper, sleeping from around 10 to 8, waking only to eat. Lovely! It's the nights he does revolt that I wear thin and have to remind myself that this is only a season. Baby life with two toddlers (4 and 3) has proved to be a bigger change than we anticipated; but as my friend Amy reminded me, God has given grace only for the moment I am in... focusing on each little moment makes it easier to not get so very overwhelmed. Scott has also been a great help, staying home the first week and a half so our family could have some bonding/adjusting time together. The girls have welcomed their brother with open arms (more like turkey vultures hovering over him for any chance to touch him and smother him with love!), and neither one has shown any sign of jealousy or unhappiness at his appearance. I'm sure such character flaws have plenty more time to show themselves, but for now I am grateful at their happiness.

I have so many other photos to share, but Scott wanted a 'real' announcement first... so stay tuned for more baby cuteness! :)

By the way, for those wondering, I'm also working bit by bit on Bob & Kara's wedding images from a few weekends ago... it is understandably slowly coming along. :)

...And yes, when I get a chance, I'll be posting William's birth story here, for those who've asked for the details on home birthing in a lovely air cushioned pool of warm water!



Nine Months

or, 39 Weeks...

My friend Jen, who is a great photographer, was gracious enough to give up over an hour of her afternoon this past Sunday to gift us with these beautiful images of our baby boy's last few days of cozy habitation. I am so overjoyed to finally have some great belly shots this pregnancy. Just as the "shoemakers children have no shoes", as a photographer, I have very few photos of myself... unless you count the self portraits in the mirror with a camera smooshed in my face. :) I have many favorites, but will share just a few so as not to overwhelm anyone with too much belly flashing. :)

I'll end with one of my absolute favorites... but I can't decide which I like better, color or B&W? Any opinion?