A little Red Dress

Laughter rang throughout the blooming dogwoods and across the meadows... If all modeling shoots were this fun, it would be the most sought-after job in the world! Picture this: a lithe, beautiful girl twirling on a grassy hill in a red satin dress and heels, while the [tall] designer of the dress acts as a living ladder for me, the photographer, to perch high on her shoulders to get just the right angle. You guessed it, we were quite the sight! I will do practically anything to get the right photo that is worth a million words! :)

This shoot is one of many projects we did in Tennessee back in the Spring... showcasing some of Shoshanna's dress designs. This girl has had no formal training, but her fresh sense of style is genuine and refreshing to see - and wear! Amazingly, Shoshanna follows no pattern, but starts each design from scratch. She is contemplating selling patterns for her designs at some time in the near future... if interested, contact her at her other business here!

We ended up with a bushel load of awesome photos from this session, but I tried to weed it down for the blog so no one is overwhelmed with photo overload! :)

I love how the photos below turned out - they are pretty much straight out of the camera - I merely added a bit of vignetting, that's all. The lazy afternoon mood is so strong here, I love it!

We found an old abandoned house for this shot; the house was in pretty sad shape, but one of the built in cabinets was still lined with old newspapers from 1937! I want to go back and play around with a few more ideas I have for some cool images!



Jesse & Victoria & Family

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with this wonderful family. When Victoria contacted me and we set up the session, she specifically requested candid, natural family interaction images; so we wandered around a local winery and a few other locations, just took it slow... and had fun! Eva and Owen, the two little cuties, did a fine job putting up with me and my strange camera, for which I am grateful! :) The whole family has the most amazing eyes, don't you agree?!

Thank you, Jesse and Victoria, for choosing me to capture these sweet memories for your beautiful family! I am honored!



Sierra: Senior 2009

As Sierra led me around her family home along the American River, she told me a bit about herself, her life, hobbies, and the joyous fact that she is DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL! :) Woop, woop! I had a ton of fun tromping through the woods, hiking down to the river, and braving the mosquitos, because I knew I was getting some awesome photos of this stunning beauty!

Sierra, thank you for being such a gracious hostess, and being game for anything I asked you to try! You were great, and I wish you the best as you pursue the next step in your education!