Busy as a Bee...

The past week or so has been full of weddings (yes, plural), graduations, photo sessions, and much more. Saturday evening my sister Joanna will be coming home from Bible College in Sweden. I haven't seen her in nine months!

Elizabeth & Evangeline tested for their Tiny Tot Advanced White belt in karate on Tuesday, and we find out tonight after class if they passed! I think they are possibly more excited about the prospect of an ice cream cone (their promised reward for passing their test) than they are about the new belt level!

In other news, I have been busily at work creating card designs and post processing photo sessions like crazy! It is such a fun and rewarding task, though - one I enjoy! As I head back into my day and the myriad of things still to be accomplished before it is done, I leave you with a couple of images from a huge shoot I did for a friend for her dress designs and music. I haven't finished the entire collection but couldn't resist playing around with some fun edges on these music images. :) Enjoy!


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