Getting ready for vacation

Morning came blissfully late for me; for the first time in weeks I was able to sleep in - until 10! Scott was wide awake and ready to face the day at 7:30, so he got the girls up, fed them breakfast, and kept an eye on them while I snoozed. Wow, what a refreshment just a few extra hours of sleep can bring!

The rest of the day has kept me busy. We visited one of Scott's elderly karate students, Bill, in the hospital (not karate related, just an infection in the leg needing antibiotics) and brought him a get well card that many of the students signed. He was grateful for the distraction and company; it must be difficult to be in the same bed for days at a time in a strange place with strangers.
After coming home and putting the girls down for their nap, I went over to the Dojo to do some paperwork... the computer there is definately on it's way over to Computer Heaven. It was crashing on me every 30 seconds, giving me the "black screen of death". After fighting with it for over an hour, I pled with the Lord to let it work. Abracadabra - no more problems! Boy, I should have prayed that flair prayer sooner. I was able to retrieve the information I needed and install QuickBooks onto my new laptop, so that was a huge relief.
The rest of the afternoon I have been cleaning the house and doing all the laundry and dishes, in an effort to have everything tidy and welcoming upon our return from the dirty life of camping!

Yes, the third week of September is here - our annual trek to Yosemite National Park! Ever since I was a young girl, my family makes time every year to spend a week with family and friends, worshipping the Lord around nightly campfires, hiking, biking, and just hanging out. The surrounding beauty is so inspiring and magnificent, that praising our Creator is always at the forefront of our week. It is definately one of the biggest highlights of our year. I have the added benefit of being in such a gorgeous place, that it's hard to take a bad photo! :)

The other highlight of the day is the impending return of my globe trotting sister Joanna! Her flight should be touching down any minute now. My family is all there, ready to greet her. Joanna has been in Russia and 5 or 6 European countries for 6 weeks now... plenty of time for some great and colorful stories. I am so glad she is coming home - she is my junior by 5 years, but you would never know it... she is one of my closest friends and it will be nice to have her around again.

Have a great Sunday!



Welcome to the new blog!

Lately I've been so blessed through many different people and circumstances, that I feel completely full and happy with where God has me in my life's journey.

With Scott's encouragement, I am pursuing turning this photography passion into a business. What an amazing thing, seeing the fruition of the dreams I've had since the time I was just a little girl!

Since no post is complete without a photograph, here is a current favorite to leave you with; my Evangeline discovered ladybugs, and was completely fascinated this past August...