Ben & Morgan {engagement}

Their love palpable, you can see it as they speak to one another with their eyes... the little glances, quiet moments, and hugs are as audible as words speaking love. 

Ben and Morgan have a pretty special place in my heart because I have had the honor of witnessing their friendship start, grow, and blossom into love over the past 7 or so years as they studied martial arts under my husband's tutelage. Their love for one another is eclipsed only by their open love for the Lord, and have honored Him with preeminence in their lives and their relationship with each other... it's a sweet thing to see, I wish you could see through the window of their life that I get to view! Both Ben and Morgan have big hearts, are ready to serve in any capacity, are full of zest for life of adventure, and have the personal discipline to push through walls and conquer them! 

They are getting ready to tie the knot September 1st, to follow life's adventures as formidable pair! :) Ben and Morgan, I wish you all the blessings of marriage, all the joys of facing life's ups and downs with your best friend, confidante, and partner at your side to cheer you on and hold your hand and heart during both the happy and sad times. You two are so special, and I'm so honored to call you friends!