Travis {Portrait Session}

His forte is information technology, his skill for making the guitar sing is remarkable, his personality is sincere and kind. Travis is the guy you call when your computers aren't talking to each other and you can't figure out how to make your computers behave. He's the technology counselor guru!

Travis needed some portraits so we met in the late afternoon to make good use of the soft golden light. I had a great time traipsing around the property, and the field next door!

If you are ever in need of IT help, be sure to check Travis out!



While in Tennessee on a working vacation with my family this Spring, I had the immense pleasure of photographing some dear friends one warm Spring evening. I've known Tim and Rachel since I was a teen, and have watched them as they have raised their five little kids, moved, and built a beautiful home (with the most amazing view!). Their commitment to one another is strong, quiet, and comforting. I love this picture I captured of them in their front field; to me it embodies who they are to a 't'!


Stevie {6 months}

The sun was working overtime to warm the chilly winter day as I drove over the hills and through the woods to this charming little boy's home. Little Stevie celebrated his 6 month of life in this world and I was honored with the chance to document his chubby cheeks, adorable smile, and soft fuzzy hair. Stevie's latest skill was mastering the well balanced sitting position, so we put that to good use and got some adorable pictures! :) Doesn't he have the most squeezable cheeks ever?!