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Wow it has been awhile; amazingly enough this blog is not on the brink of extinction, merely just ran by a girl who has a full life and who has suffered just a touch of writer's block (which is also synonymous with laziness at times I think). I grew up journaling in various different notebooks (which sit in a sweet row above my desk), and now miss the daily entry style that used to such a therapeutic habit of mine. I am going to attempt a New Year's Resolution (who says it has to begin on the first of January?!) and blog/journal my thoughts much more often. Consequently, you may have to wade through a bit more of this boring type than before. Guess you have to deal with it! :)

My last entry was before Christmas, so you can imagine that there is a lot of memories to back up on here... But instead of trying to catch up neat and orderly like, I'm going to splash some fun up here today. I was heartbroken when I discovered that Polaroid film was discontinued this past year... but last night I got to experience some of that old thrill as I blew through almost $25 worth of film (figuratively speaking) when I came across Poladroid. Whew, was that fun, and so much cheaper! I decided to share some of the recent past in a vintage way... so enjoy!

Here are our three kiddlets Thanksgiving weekend, at Grandma Helen & Pop's house. Contrary to what you would think just seeing these pictures, William actually smiles most of the time. :) He has been such a great baby and I am so in love with him... and by the photos you can see we all are!

This was our Christmas picture this year, taken in a rush one Sunday after church by my dad. I loved how it turned out though! It was snowing, but the pictures didn't really pick up the snowflakes very well (if you look close you can see a few on Elizabeth's hair).

This one of me was that same Sunday afternoon, driving home in the light snow we came upon these Black Oaks being so dramatic, so I asked Scott if he'd take a few of me in the middle of the road - something I'd always imagined. Here is one of my favorites. Brrr, it was cold that day!

The weekend after New Year's, my amazing and generous grandma (Grandmary, we call her) treated the whole extended family to Disneyland yet again, the fourth year running. Scott had to stay home this year due to work, so our little family blended into my larger family for the weekend. I couldn't have enjoyed the weekend without my parents and sister Mary, who helped spread the load of three kidlets. Other than missing Scott, the weekend was actually quite fun! The two days were filled with childish glee and awe at all the rides. Elizabeth and Evangeline are in their prime for this sort of thing at 4.5 and 3.5! The first night they were SO excited to arrive at our destination (the hotel!) that Elizabeth jumped out of the van and just stood there, her neck craned back as far as possible, staring up at the 10 story hotel all lit up in it's glory and exclaimed "Wow. Just Wow. A BIG wow!!" After settling into our room for the night, Evangeline asked me "When do we get to go to the OTHER Disneyland?" :) Here is the photo I took right before she asked that...

Something else I have to mention... I didn't bring my fourth child (my camera) along for this trip because I knew I was going to have my hands full semi single parenting it... I planned on swiping my dad's handy little camera for a few shots here and there. Ha. After practically absconding with it the first morning, I got on the phone with a local Best Buy and found a good deal on one for me. My mom decided to get one too for her own use, so my dad was awesome enough to take off and pick those toys up for us! :) I've been wanting a "mom camera" that I can toss in the diaper bag for those times I want to snap a memory and don't need the portrait quality - this has been perfect. The these photos you see here are from this fun little guy! (And yes, my camera collection is getting huge. I think it's somewhere around 10, hehe)

My 17 year old brother John and I were bench buddies in the van on the long drive home. Here is one of the less incriminating photos among the vast amount we took! I was experimenting with the settings on the new toy, and we were a bit stir crazy by then.

And that is it for an update... but I'm not going yet. I had too much fun with the instant gratification poladroid last night... going through and picking random favorite photos I've taken the past year or so. Enjoy the slide show!


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