First sign of Spring!

Sweet violets have one of the most amazing and delicious smells in the universe, the scent is quite powerful for such a delicate little blossom. When we moved to our little home I was surprised to see these cheerful little things nodding at me amongst the rocks and barren landscape that was here. I had never seen white violets before, but from the first I was smitten! Their scent is stronger than the purple variety (which we also have dotting around the yard). I love to pick a little posy of them and put them in the bathroom - their scent lingers for days.

Today while outside working in the garden I noticed the white little heads popping up, ready to cheer away the winter clouds. Here is the little bunch that now smiles at all who see them! :)

Oh, and as a funny side note, William happily sat in his little bumbo seat on the lawn while we worked... picking tender little grass shoots and slobbering on them as fast as he could before we caught him! I wonder if any made it down... I guess it is a form of minerals, right?! :)


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