Blessings and such

Recently I have been reminded in so many ways of how incredibly blessed I am!

It all started last Monday night when Scott came home from work with his hand tucked behind his back. With a kiss and a flourish, he presented me with the most unique old glass bottle, filled with flowers and a red heart. Years ago I started amassing a little collection of pretty and unique bottles that I found here and there; today the collection just continues to grow, especially with a man like mine! Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday.... the whole week he continued to pop through the door with a beautiful bouquet in another vintage bottle! :) Scott finished the week long love message with a dozen red roses in a beautiful vase on Valentine's Day along with chocolates and sweets for the girls too, pretty much sealing the fact that he is indeed the world's most romantic and thoughtful man out there!

(taken with my little toy camera, so pardon the fuzzies!)

Each time I walk past the bouquets, I smile and am reminded of how truly and incredibly blessed I am. I decided to jot down some of the things that have touched me in some way just this week, as a reminder to myself when I am tempted to have a gloomy day of how rich I am in the things that matter the most!

* A warm and cozy house, with windows that look out on a chilly and blustery day

* A kitchen table covered with vintage glass bottles holding beautiful flowers, each one from my wonderful husband

* So many clothes for my family that they have inundated the couch with temporary residency ;)

* A healthy mind and heart that cultivates creativity

* A healthy happy family

* A devoted and amazing husband who loves me in spite of myself

* A sunshiney day amidst the cold dark days of winter, today at least!

* An occupation for my husband that he loves and is good at, that also provides for our needs

* Good sleep

* Loving relatives that live close by

* In-laws to die for, that also live close by!

* Marshmallows

* Dark chocolate

* Kickboxing

* The ability and joy to be able to go running!

* We get to live in the most charming town in the nation, and believe me - I've been around!

* My baby boy who has completely melted my heart just turned a happy and healthy 7 months

* A God who is merciful and full of kindness towards me, little me!

I'll close with another snapshot from my play camera, a portion of the huge framed print by Robert Doisneau - one of my favorite prints of all time - that I have hanging in our kitchen, right above all the flower lovelies... a sappy way to end a sappy post! :)


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