Joanna Rose

Her passion for all things Jesus is inspiring to witness... Her smile and laugh are infectious while her sky blue eyes twinkle and sparkle with a genuine love and zest for life. She calls me up and proposes ice cream and a good movie... or just a good ol' hangout day, complete with corny jokes that would make absolutely no sense any other time. I am so grateful for the Lord putting Joanna in my life, my family!

I was cleaning photos off the laptop and realized that I never shared these photos from a sunny afternoon last September. These were taken the week before my best friend and sister Joanna left for Bible School in Sweden... gone for 9 long months. We had a lovely day spent hanging out and just having fun with my kiddos... William was only 6 weeks old so I strapped him in my Baby Bjorn and we strolled up and down Main Street and had fun getting some fun shots of the girlies and their Auntie Jo.


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