William. 6.5 Months

My baby is growing up too fast! In the past 24 hours William has mastered the art of "army crawling" to the maximum (zooming around the living room at top speed, tearing into everything he can get to before we catch up with him), developed the skill of waving (or rather slamming his hand up and down in the air, hitting his leg each time), and as of this evening is exhibiting rather unWilliam-like behavior, crankily letting the world around him know that his first teeth are making their advance in his gummy mouth! Oh yes, and he also took to his bottle with gusto for the first time, all other attempts have been pretty halfhearted.

After posting all those photos of the little guy so stoic the other day, I had to show some laughing ones... this afternoon Scott took a few of my tickling his cheek with kisses and his reactions. My heart is happy looking at these pictures! (click on the photo to see it larger)


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