Paperwork and Pony Rides

Bills and paperwork were spread out covering way too much real estate in the Living Room today, my head chock full with number crunching and keeping the kids happy and content at the same time, while my fingers ached from all the exercise. I actually secretly enjoy writing checks, balancing the checkbook, and licking envelopes. I think it might be a kickback to my old pen palling days (not that I ever sent them money though!)

The knock at the door was a welcome break, giving my eyes an appreciated change from the current depth of field they had been stuck in. It was my brother David... I was quite happy to see him, as it has been entirely way too long since our paths have crossed. He is such a busy guy these days, working two jobs. His newest job has been a sort of ranch hand/handyman of sorts at the hobby ranch of the sweetest and spunkiest older lady you've ever laid eyes on. They met through his other job at a local feed store, and he's been over there on his days off and in the evenings ever since.

After telling me all about the place with very apparent joy, he suggested we follow him out there so the girls and I could see it for ourselves. When he mentioned pony rides, the girls' eyes lit up and they jumped up and down when I said yes! :) We were running out for the afternoon anyways, so I just hurried up and left sooner.

We spent over an hour getting the grand tour of the charming little place. Every nook and corner was tidy and beautiful. Chris, the owner/David's boss, has sure whipped that place into shape since moving into an old mobile home amongst bushes 30 years ago! I was so happy to meet Chris, her cheery smile and chipper bounce to her step was so energizing to the air around her. I love it when I get to SEE God work in people's lives, orchestrating paths and lives crossing, like with my brother and this sweet joyful lady.

Elizabeth & Evangeline both got their pony rides, and I have to say I am quite proud of my little half-pint cowgirl Evangeline! She was happy to go first, riding on Sparky. His name should have been a clue... he shied and shimmied and Evangeline tumbled to the ground, getting a huge mouthful of dirt crammed up in her gums. What a trooper, though! After rinsing out her mouth, the girl who exercises the horses (Sarah) saddled up the other little pony, Smokey, and she hopped right back on with a smile! :) Both girls had a blast riding, petting all the horses and hanging out with Uncle David. The day was super gorgeous, windows down in the car weather all day long - it was too lovely.

Knowing I was going to be carrying my 22+ lb. baby on my hip, I opted for the little toy camera. I wish I'd brought my big one though, since the weather was SO pretty. The blue in the sky was such a vibrant hue!


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