Kevin + Kathie + Family

The sun was lighting up the landscape of autumn of colors as I pulled up to the park at Larson's Apple Barn in Apple Hill on Monday afternoon to get together with some of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I've known this family for a few years now, and ever since the first day when I laid eyes upon their two gorgeous girls I've hoped to be able to photograph their beauty one day!

Kevin and Kathie were college sweethearts, and the way they still look at one another you can tell their love is like a deep pool in a stream - never drying up, always constant. I love the way Kathie tilts her head to look at Kevin with a special smile reserved only for him, and how when they walk beside each other they instinctively reach out to clasp their hands together. Their daughters Shannon and Brittany are two very sweet girls who are out to change the worldview on teens... they get along with their parents famously, are quick to smile, serve others, and both bake the most scrumptious concoctions in their kitchen!

When Kathie and I discussed doing a family session she told me that she was hoping to get some good photos of the family, since in most of her photos she blinks... even her wedding photographer years ago managed to somehow take 80% of their photos with her blinking. Well, after our session on Monday, I'd say it was the photographer, not Kathie's blinking... because as you can see, these people are not only beautiful on the inside, but not so shabby on the outside either!! :)


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