Fishing at High Hill Ranch

The fishing reel and tackle box (a "cool" garage sale find this summer) had been sitting out for weeks now, a visual reminder that Scott wanted to play. The opportunity came one warm Sunday afternoon, at the height of "Apple Season" in Camino... where he decided to take us. :) The traffic wasn't too bad since we took some back roads, but High Hill Ranch was swamped. I felt as if we were at the fair! The girls had fun trying their hands at fishing, while I sat with William and enjoyed people watching. I brought along Scott's point and shoot and just snapped away... Evangeline got bored with the whole fishing idea pretty quickly so she took a turn at playing with the camera too. Sometimes it is fun to just literally "point and shoot" and not have to deal with all the bulk and settings on my big camera! :)


  1. Beautiful photos.
    I just stumbled across your blog & its lovely.

  2. Ya'll are such a beautiful family, Laura. And William... he is so cute and chubby. I can't believe how big he's gotten. Seems like he was just a newborn a month ago. Lovely song (Sad Violin). Reminds of We Are Marshall or something along those lines.

  3. Hi there!!!! I cant even tell you how I got here! I was on a hunt for my old blog and ended up here and it was full of twists and turns that is for sure. lol
    That is one sweet little WIlliam!
    I love your haircut and I recognized Apple Hill in some of those photos. lol
    So good to get caught up with you!