Anderson Family Portraits

Their happy smiles mingled with the occasional grimace from some; having to let an outsider take their photo on the most family oriented day of the year, Thanksgiving, I don't blame them... hey, I was keeping that Pumpkin Pie waiting! Seriously though, this is the biggest group I've done portraits for to date. It was so fun, but challenging to get all 40 eyeballs looking in the same direction at the same time and not blink! :) I think laying in the dirt finally got the squirmy ones' attention!

Chuck and Sheila had many many blessings to count this Thanksgiving! Their four children and their respective families all healthy, happy and loving the Lord - what more could one wish for?!

With this many people, I must apologize for the huge quantity of photos forthcoming... I tried to narrow them down! :)

Oh, and if you want to see an image larger, just click on it and it will open up larger.

Edde, Robin, and Rehn... the oldest son, and incidentally, my sister in law! :)

Aimee, Jason, Riley, Madison and Dalyn...

Keri & Sean, Christian, Leah & Mikayla...

Shawna & Joe, Hanna, Joseph, and Sarah

All ten grandkids... laughing at Auntie Keri doing crazy antics behind the camera!

After we finished up portraits, the kids split for more relaxing and day appropriate activities while all the girls started getting the meal on the table, in typical Anderson fashion. haha. :) I love that they were so comfy in front of the camera! (click on them to enlarge)

Thanks, guys, for the wonderful time! I had so much fun!


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