More loveliness of Autumn

Back in October when the weather was just beginning to change and the leaves were beginning to flaunt their colors...

There was this drop dead gorgeous Sunday afternoon... I came out of church and was struck instantly by the beauty of the day. There was no way to ignore it all - the vibrant blue sky, the moist earth from the previous day's rain, the clean and colorful leaves swinging in the gentle breeze, and the warm sun on my face. I was itching to go out and enjoy the day through my lens and when I mentioned my longing to experience the day, my wonderful husband offered to take care of the kids' food and naps so I could go. I love my man!

I hopped in the car and just wandered a bit... the only place I really stopped at was Boeger Vineyards, a beautiful winery that is in the outskirts of Placerville. There were hordes of people in the gardens and tasting room, but I found quiet at the back of the parking lot area in their junkyard of sorts. It was fun and challenging to find beauty among what others would normally view as a pile of odds and ends!

I had a lovely hour or two alone, praying and just talking to the Lord. It was a refreshing time of quiet tranquility, totally immersed in His handiwork and beauty!

On to other things...

Here are a few mums and Gerbera Daisies out of my garden... the last of the show until next spring! I love vibrant Autumn colors in the garden and have had fun buying one or two plants each blooming period of the season, so that each year I add to the canvas! :) Last year it was these mums that I found, at Kmart of all places. Don't you just love that perfect red!

And I'll close with a few random snapshots... my polaroid (I LOVE polaroids!!! They are so addicting!) memories of a lovely day at the lake for Memorial Day weekend with a then 6 week old William. We had a blast with just our little family! I sat and soaked up the sun while snapping a few photos and caring for William as Scott and the girlies cavorted around the water's edge and built fabulous rustic mud/sand castles!

... And I'll close with a rather oddball one. Scott found great satisfaction and hilarity in posting this paper on our door to welcome everyone who came knocking. :) I hope I never see the day where I would need to confront an unwelcome person, but if such a case arises, my husband has seen fit that I am prepared! :)

Hope you are enjoying your week before Thanksgiving! The Christmas songs are already playing!


P.S. - Yes, I did chop my hair, it was something I've been thinking about for a while now... and no, I don't miss my long hair... too much. :)

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