Nine Months

or, 39 Weeks...

My friend Jen, who is a great photographer, was gracious enough to give up over an hour of her afternoon this past Sunday to gift us with these beautiful images of our baby boy's last few days of cozy habitation. I am so overjoyed to finally have some great belly shots this pregnancy. Just as the "shoemakers children have no shoes", as a photographer, I have very few photos of myself... unless you count the self portraits in the mirror with a camera smooshed in my face. :) I have many favorites, but will share just a few so as not to overwhelm anyone with too much belly flashing. :)

I'll end with one of my absolute favorites... but I can't decide which I like better, color or B&W? Any opinion?



  1. they are all so beautiful, Laura! I love the ones of you and Scott together--just beautiful!! I heard through Amber that the baby belly is no more...congratulations, Friend!!

  2. You look amazing.
    I like the last one in colour!
    It shows both your youth.
    You look so young with long hair, but I like it short aswell...easier as a mum.