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I apologize for the long delay in posting this wonderful news... William is two weeks old today, and life is still a bit like spinning and tumbling around in the dryer. ;)

William is a wonderful boy - hungry as can be... and when he isn't eating, filling his diaper, or sleeping, he is a fairly happy little man, for which I am grateful! We've had a few sleepless nights, but overall he is a pretty good sleeper, sleeping from around 10 to 8, waking only to eat. Lovely! It's the nights he does revolt that I wear thin and have to remind myself that this is only a season. Baby life with two toddlers (4 and 3) has proved to be a bigger change than we anticipated; but as my friend Amy reminded me, God has given grace only for the moment I am in... focusing on each little moment makes it easier to not get so very overwhelmed. Scott has also been a great help, staying home the first week and a half so our family could have some bonding/adjusting time together. The girls have welcomed their brother with open arms (more like turkey vultures hovering over him for any chance to touch him and smother him with love!), and neither one has shown any sign of jealousy or unhappiness at his appearance. I'm sure such character flaws have plenty more time to show themselves, but for now I am grateful at their happiness.

I have so many other photos to share, but Scott wanted a 'real' announcement first... so stay tuned for more baby cuteness! :)

By the way, for those wondering, I'm also working bit by bit on Bob & Kara's wedding images from a few weekends ago... it is understandably slowly coming along. :)

...And yes, when I get a chance, I'll be posting William's birth story here, for those who've asked for the details on home birthing in a lovely air cushioned pool of warm water!



  1. He's beautiful, Laura. I've been wondering if you'd had him yet but I haven't be on Crossings lately to find out. Congratulations to you and Scott and the girls. :)

  2. Congratulations on your sweet little boy. I hope you are enjoying these new days and moments.
    Many blessings on you five!

  3. I know it's a little late, but congratulations! You'll have to tell Scott congrats from me.