Back from the world's best Bed & Breakfast!

Elizabeth, Evangeline, and Rehn (ages 3, 2, 1) had a blast these past few days... getting to spend so much time together really bonded the cousins together. I was surprised at how well they got along, playing for hours on end with all of Rehn's toys; he is a very generous little guy, I don't think I saw any jealous "mine" streaks of attitude in him the whole time! Grandma Helen came up the hill for a few hours one morning to help break up the time for Rehn. She read to the kiddos, as Scott kept busy building "castles" (according to Elizabeth) while the girls watched over the process and kept Rehn at bay until it was ready and then they'd beckon him to come knock it over. They all squealed with giggles at the crash!

In the late afternoons before dinner, when the energy emitting from their little bodies was reaching dangerous levels, I'd turn on Rehn's favorite baby programs and all three would become so silent you could hear a pin drop. Rehn liked to back into Evangeline to watch; at first she complained that he was "squishing" her, but when I explained that snuggling was nice, and it wasn't considered squishing, she accepted that and put her arms around him for the rest of the 5 minute program. I caught it on my camera - no prompting or "modeling" involved! :)

The time away was a sweet little break from routine, but it's nice to be home tonight in our own beds... and I'm sure Edde & Robin agree! (Thanks guys, for trusting us with Rehn's longest time away from you yet! :) )



  1. oh my! Please add all these weekend pics to the burning CD of snow pix and b-day pics too!!! HOW CUTE!!!!

  2. I loved hearing about your weekend! And you are so kind. WE were so blessed that you stayed here and took care of our every care! You're the bestest!!!