The Belly Bump

Okay, since I've been asked by so many friends to share some belly shots, I am finally getting around to posting some... I had these grandiose plans of taking one shot a week, same position, same background, to make a very cool collage type thing in the end. What was I thinking? I'm so not that disciplined (unfortunately). I have week 10, 12, 20, and 24, and only the first two are the same background/position. Yes, I know. I'm greatly inept at keeping myself accountable. Oh well, maybe next time (haha)... when I have a remote for my camera instead of the two options now: either wait for the 10 second delay (over and over to get the belly framed and in focus) or the ghetto option of standing in front of a mirror for an image with the camera as a nice decoration. (Look! I'm taking a picture! With a camera!)

With no further ado, here is our little man firmly ensconced in this bulging bump!

Week 20

Week 24 (current status)


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  1. i really want to look as good as you when i am pregnant.