Trevor & Della

Arriving home after midnight last night, we were tired beyond reason (it’s a good thing I wasn’t the one driving home from the airport!), but happy and refreshed mentally from a whirlwind weekend in Texas. My cousin Trevor got "hitched" in a sweet country wedding to his best friend, Della.

Between Trevor’s Uncle Dan from Seattle, and I, we endeavored to memorialize their special day for them with photography. I still haven’t had time to wade through all the images, but here are a few glimpses…

This was a true country wedding!

Trevor & Della before the ceremony (image of Trevor by Dan)

More images from Trevor and Della’s day are coming soon, along with a special link to all the images!



  1. Beauitful Pictures, can't wait to see the rest of them! Love, Patty

  2. I love your website! it is incredible!! you are really good at taking pictures... Trevor and Della look so happy! I'm looking forward to looking at the rest of the pictures :=) love Elda

  3. Way cool! Can't wait to see more!