Catching Up Part Two

Christmas Eve with Scott’s side of the family rang with squeals of delight, with the three kiddos old enough to really respond to the festivities!
Early Christmas morning we had our own little celebration at home...

My aunt and uncle from Louisiana joined the rest of us Californians for Christmas with my side of the family a few days later. I didn’t break out my camera, but I did grab a few off my dad’s little P&S.

Check out our new shades - we found a few of my Grandma's glasses in a drawer, and had fun passing them around! :) These are authentic 70's and 80's!

The girls were spoilt beyond belief this year with all the gifts from loved ones. They loved everything about the season, and still speak of Christmas often, reminding each other that it will come "next year". :)

Well, my time is up... I guess the Disneyland will be "part three"!



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