If I don't blog about what has transpired last month, I know my prego brain will let it forever disappear... so for my sake, bear with me please! :)

January 3rd we departed for L.A. to meet up with the rest of my mom’s family. My amazing grandmother, christened “Grandmary”, again treated the whole family to 2 spectacular days at Disneyland/California Land! We had such a fun time, with all of us staying in a hotel just a 5 minute walk from the park. Each morning began with a continental breakfast in Grandmary’s room, and then everyone headed to the park and peeled off into groups to explore and ride as many rides as possible before congregating again for lunch. Depending upon the level of determination and energy, some of us headed back to our rooms for naps and then later, an early evening… while some stayed until closing at midnight both nights. I was able to sneak in naps, and a long shower both days!

We also celebrated yet another Christmas while in L.A. with my dad’s side of the family at a nice restaurant. The girls were delighted with so many days filled with new gifts and toys! We finished the day together overflowing my Grandma Jane’s house. The next morning we marathon drove home… not stopping for much, other than the seemingly endless pit stops to make room for Baby. (Wow, driving long distances in the first trimester is crazy!)

My older sister Carolyn and her husband Jeff flew out from Delaware for both Disneyland & the family Christmas... it was fun to spend time with them.

The month of January was spent slowly evolving out of morning sickness to waking up at 16 weeks feeling so well, I almost felt “not pregnant“! Yay! I’ve slowly gotten the house back under control, and am catching up on my ‘to do’ list. I'm now halfway, at 20 weeks... and in another week we get to find out who our little peanut is! :)

We have enjoyed some snow this winter, and have added 2 snowmen to the cold and white odd shaped population of the world. Elizabeth’s latest request is that next time we build a mommy and little baby snowman to stand with the daddy snowman. It sounds like fun, and I’ll have to remember to get a photo of the forthcoming frosty family!

If you have made it this far - congratulations, and many apologies! Thank you for letting my vent my pent up journaling upon your unsuspecting eyes. Have a lovely (and hopefully not to frigid) day!


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