Catching Up, Part One

I am baacckk… from the land of those who…sip Ovaltine and 7up, eat saltines and toast in indecent amounts, and spend more time horizontal than vertical.

Yes, the first trimester has been conquered, and am now at four months. I’ve gained 5-7 pounds, and gone up a size in jeans to give the baby breathing room. After missing my regularly scheduled kickboxing and running for a few months, I am slowly working myself back to the familiar old routine. I was able to keep up the exercise just enough to make coming back not entirely out of reach. I have so enjoyed feeling good again! The house is grateful as well; to say it suffered is putting it delicately.

Since my last post in November, much has transpired…

Scott’s birthday was on the 2nd of December, and for over 6 months we had been planning and saving up for a nice weekend away, to Santa Cruz and Capitola. The days between Thanksgiving and the Friday we left were some of the worst I’ve experienced with morning sickness. It was so bad that I almost canceled on poor Scotty, but I decided to tough it - turns out the time away was the best thing the doctor could have prescribed! We stayed in the beautiful Capitola Hotel, 100 feet from the beach. We slept, ate amazing foods (at all sorts of odd hours due to my tummy), walked the shops, listened to a local band at the coffee shop, and slept some more. I think the earliest we awoke was 10 am one morning! :) The rest, peace, and quiet were balm to my morning sickness.

When we returned until the weekend before Christmas was filled with completing holiday cards, prints and orders for clients with [what seemed like] every moment I wasn’t sick. I love working with images, but have to admit that I did heave a sigh of relief when the last order was done for the holidays! We also squeezed in a little cookie decorating party with the girls and a few others; there were 8 plates of cookies that we gave away! :)

I suppose this post is long enough, and I need to go finish making dinner. Christmas post coming next...

Have a beautiful day!


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