Hot Summer Days, Part 3

As I sit here with papers strewn about me in testament to all the things I still need to do... I stare at the screen that has three different windows open, a wedding that needs to be wrapped up in post editing, Quick Books with all that entails (Yay!... yes, that was sarcastic), and this blog, a needed diversion. A welcome respite from number crunching, white balance and exposure tweaking. Because yes, those three do go together - at least today for me, the woman who can't even say things right anymore because she's spinning too many tops!

But you know what? I am sitting on CLEAN carpet (edging included!), a tidy house with TWO clean loads of laundry, and a full tummy of delicious smoothie! You must be thinking I am superwoman, right? No, don't get your hopes up. It's my amaaazzing and wonderful man who not only runs a business, works 8 hours a day, but also helps me out when I am so out of it that I twist my words up so bad I don't even know what I was trying to say! I am so grateful for a man who picks me up when I fall down, leads me when I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open, and laughs at me when I mix up my words!
Oh, and you know what else?! He started teaching Elizabeth to read this week. Yes, all on his own. They are working through the reader that my own mother taught me to read with.... so we know it works, eh?! :) It has been so sweet to listen to them work through M A T, H A T, S A M, D A D, etc.! I am so blessed by seeing Scott step in and spend such valuable time with Elizabeth that will impact the rest of her life.

Before I get back to whip those projects on the other open windows into shape, let's hear three cheers for hot summer days with the people we love!!! This old barn must be over 100 years old, and I can just picture a lively band sitting in the corner among the shadows playing happily along to a barn dance!

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