It's After 12 and I'm still in my Pajamas

I will spare you the details of all the daily hubbub, phone calls, photo work, and work associated with preparing for a vacation this morning (a mini weekend away, and yet it still is a lot of work!), but since I'm on a roll with confessions... it is after 1 o'clock and I'm still sporting my comfy pajamas. It's quite a luxury to accomplish all my duties and still be decked out in such soft goodness, a fact I'm quite relishing as I ponder the prospects of our upcoming weekend of camping! We are headed up into the mountains to enjoy the cool mountain air, laugh with friends, hike some more mountains, and relax by the clear blue of Lake Tahoe. I'm looking forward to inhaling the intoxicating smell of pine trees, granite earth, and pure mountainness... to take some photographs that will make me smile at my babies' chubby arms and legs in 2o years... to come home smelling like campfire smoke and in dire need of a hot shower... and I'm also looking forward to being unplugged from our fast pace for a few days.

While on the phone for 3 minutes max this morning with my mom (getting our family's all time favorite recipe for pancakes since I misplaced my copy), William decided to take his need for nourishment into his own hands... quite literally. I had a total and genuine "Mom moment", when I told him not to move and ran to get my little point and shoot camera... took a picture and then dealt with him. Look at that guilty look! :)

I hope you have a great weekend too!

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  1. He's getting so big Laura! TOo cute though with PB everywhere. I happen to be one of those that clicks on your pg here and hopes to see new photos of your kiddos! It's how I keep up in this fastpaced world of ours! Hope you find more time to do what you enjoy.