Hello, my name is Laura, and you probably don't remember me but I used to write in this corner of the internet.

When I was 8 years old I started a diary... and then switched to a journal when I was 11 because the word "journal" sounded oh so sophisticated and much more mature than "diary" to me, in fact it still does. I filled a few journals through my teen years, but as time has worn on my writing has grown more and more sporadic... now I am proud of myself if I pull the book off the shelf and let my thoughts loose more than twice a year. It's really a sad thing, and I know I will always regret not sitting down for a moment and reliving my current state of affairs on paper. My great grandmothers on both my mom and dad's side suffered from memory loss, so I am pretty sure my time is coming when these journals will help me remember who I am and where I am from. I just hope it's not before I journal some more. Sometimes I turn to journaling when I am sad or frustrated... which doesn't make for some very nice reading later on. Writing the good things, the small things, the blessings are what I will want to read when I am 89 and can't remember if I brushed my teeth yet or not.

So, suffice it to say that I am purposing to journal more, both in my pretty journal with my swirly font and here in my online journal with the boring type that Blogger chose... this is the place I can share photos without having to go to the trouble of sending them to the printer, picking them up, sorting them, and then pasting them into my book (one reason I'm so in love with Polaroids!).

One last thing, and it's sort of a confession... To those of you who have clicked and refreshed my blog so many times to only come upon the same posts, I am sorry! It is not that I haven't had stuff to share, but more the time and diligence to sit down and let my thoughts and photos do some talking! I think a kind of fear has been growing in me for a long while now, in posting online in a public place. I am one of those girls who gets bruises on the inside of her knees from all the knocking when speaking on a platform... piano recitals were especially hard growing up, since you have to use your feet to man the pedals! :) It's intimidating when I think about so many people looking at my photos and reading what I have to say, but in spite of my unfounded fear of people's opinion, I am going to forge ahead and start posting more... promise!

Happy July to all of you! I hope you are relishing your summer days as much as I!



  1. ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts, so looking forward to you fulfulling your promise. :)

    I am hopeless with writing down things at any stage, but like you tend too do it (on those rare occasions) when I'm sad etc. So you challenged me on that note.

    God bless.

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see more pictures and posts coming soon! =D I love you!