I lay in bed and listened to the soft even breathing of my husband next to me, and my three young children snuggled in their little beds. The fire that has been banked for some time has been stirred; the flame is flickering and growing with each passing day. The lifelong desire and zest for adventure, travel, living every moment to it’s fullest. The dream of living in the country on acreage in a semi self sustainable state, with barns, fields, pastures, gardens, animals, a white country house with a porch, and of course my children roaming about learning how to be proper wild Indians! The heart to impact the life of one or three orphans, to love the unloved with a love that is bigger than I. The desire for a passionate life lived with a deeper meaning. The yearning for a continual and vibrant relationship with my Abba Father. Living my short life on this earth with purpose – a heavenly focused purpose. Each and every day redeemed with true substance. Worshipping the Lord in every aspect of my life – from interactions with my children to photography work to cleaning and decorating our home.

I want to squeeze every last drop of possibility out of every short day of this short life. I want to make a difference in the lives around me, making a point of sharing heavenly sunshine with every person I come in contact with, no matter how small the interaction. I want my kids to wake up with excitement for what the new day will hold, proud and happy to be in the family they are a big part of. I want to be their biggest fan, enabler, confidant, and friend. I want to show them the possibilities in life are endless, that nothing is impossible.

These are my dreams, aspirations, and goals. I don’t want to let the mundane daily tasks to cloud my vision and take away my life. Wasting my precious days here is like stealing. From myself.


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