Our Little Girl is Growing Up

She entered the world with her fist clenched to her cheek, a gesture that foretold her adorable habit of sucking her thumb as a baby. Her cherubic cheeks, beautiful skin, honey brown ringlets curling about her face, and large round eyes melted the hearts of more than just her daddy and I. As her sweet and happy demeanor grows more and more pronounced by the day, I become aware of how blessed I am to have a daughter who is so thrilled to participate in our daily life in whatever way she can.

Elizabeth Rose was born 4 years ago today. She has been so excited waiting for this special moment, counting down the months, weeks, and days! She has "planned" her birthday party (to be held on Sunday) with great anticipation, from the pink sparkly balloons, pink sparkly presents, pink dress, pink shoes, to the "pink cake like a big strawberry" (catching the theme here?!), even going to great lengths to list for me the guests she wants to attend...

"I want to invite Grandma & Grandpa, and my Aunties and Uncle John, Grandma Helen & Pop, Auntie Robin, Uncle Edde, Rehn, Auntie Angie & Uncle Daniel, Caleb & baby Madeline, Auntie Jojo, Ali, Uncle David, David's friend Nick (I'm not shy of him, Mommy), Uncle Jeff & Auntie Carolyn (but they live a long, long, looonnng way away, by the ocean), Avila & baby Hope, Merci & Jaden, Kelsey & Cammi..."

The list goes on, but my prego brain can't remember them all. Thank goodness we are celebrating at the park! :) If you are on this list (or aren't, but would like to come have fun!), and I haven't been able to spare a minute to call you, please consider this your personal invite from Elizabeth. :)

As for today, since she is getting over a little cough, we decided to keep it simply just our little family. We have spent the entire day doing girlie things that have kept her smile plastered to her face! I'm going to list the Elizabeth's day of events out of deference to my lapsing memory... feel free to skip ahead to photos! :)

  • woke up to ribbons adorning the house
  • long bath playtime
  • got a visit from Grandma, Auntie Karen & Julianne, was given a special birthday ribbon (she wore it all day, taking it off only to crawl into bed tonight!)
  • manicures and pedicures on both girlies
  • make-up and perfume for all of us girlies
  • first birthday present of 4 $1 bills - HUGE smile!
  • good-byes to Daddy, and off for a day of fun!
  • bought a little horse and princess at first stop with her birthday money
  • went to In-N-Out for lunch - menu choice was only french fries, but ate her hamburger anyhow. :)
  • visited Pop & Grandma Helen, opened a present - a pink bubble wand! Both girlies squealed with glee chasing the bubbles!
  • visited Grandma & Grandpa and asked if I wanted to go work at the Dojo (she wanted to hang out there awhile longer)!
  • went to McDonald's to play on the play land, made a new little friend sliding down the slides, and had a blast...
  • went to Starbucks and girlies split a "strawberry water", got lots of attention from our barrista friends which made her glow
  • came home and picked flowers out of the garden to decorate the house "for her birthday"
  • made dinner, her menu choice of Spaghetti and salad
  • took dinner to the Dojo; all the students sang Happy Birthday to her; had dinner with Daddy
  • went by one more store on the way home and bought some headbands with more of her birthday monies.
  • came home and snuggled into bed with a beaming face and heart...
It was a full (free!) day of FUN and SPECIAL memories! :)


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