Daughters' Love

Each morning we awake to sleepy little voices calling out, "Mommy, I woke up! May I come suggle wid you duys?", and if it isn't too early :), we have them come crawl into bed with us for our morning tradition of Snuggle Time. The other morning during our snuggles, Elizabeth smiled impishly and proclaimed "I love you to my nose!", and after we giggled together, she added, " and I love you to the driveway!"... My almost 4 year old is too creative! :)

Evangeline also loves Snuggle Time, and usually brings her special blankie with her. Every morning she exposes my baby bump and proceeds to kiss, cuddle, and talk with the baby, all the while sharing her beloved blankie with him "to keep him warm". It just is so sweet to watch our girlies get excited about their baby brother... anyone who even so much as looks at them in a store gets the announcement "We are having a baby brother"!


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  1. what a special time! so glad you are sharing it here... love your little dollchildren~*.

    you may have read on facebook or xanga, but, marks. and i will be joining you on the west coast [vancouver, b.c., area] by summer's end... perhaps one of these days, we can meet face-to-face!