Doug + Stacey + Family

The day was perfect as the sun glistened through the trees; the unusually warm and sedate temperature making for a lovely and unhurried photo session with Doug, Stacey, and their three teens. We traipsed all over their lovely property and had such a grand time with all the different possibilities for amazing images!

This is the longest photo session I've done with a family to date... although as I think about it, the kids are older and probably have more patience than little ones like mine! The whole family was such a good sport, all the way to the end. There were sooo many amazing images that I've had such a hard time picking just a few favorites! Due to my lack of being able to choose... you get to enjoy a multitude as well! :)

Thanks, guys, for such warm welcome - I had a fabulous time!

(btw, to see the photos enlarged, just click on the image and it will bring up a bigger version.)

this is one of my fav's... I love the motion blur behind her!

Sorry this collage is so small... I just laugh everytime I see it! If you can't tell, Stacey couldn't do the straight face for long... I love Doug's sideways glance at her when she lost it! (click for bigger view)

I love Megan's 'Ipod' poses...



  1. Oh I wish I could have seen the collages better! I lost my glasses at our last wedding....ack there goes $420 and my eyesight! So back to the Dollar Store for the cheapies that I never seem to lose!
    These were great! I love looking at family portraits...beautiful job!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


  2. Laura, these are so good. :) I love you!

  3. wow!
    you just get better and better with each photo!! :)Love the backdrop with the standals! Also those action fotos are amazing!!!