2007 Apple Hill Run

My sister in law, Robin, and I ran the 3.5 mile race in the 28th annual Apple Hill Run yesterday. The weather was superb, the atmosphere festive, and even though there were over 1100 participants, there was still that wonderful small town feel. Robin and I both went with the goal to have fun and just race our personal best... but now my competitive spirit is rising and I want to run to win next time, after seeing how relatively easy it was! Out of 68 women in my age bracket of 19-29, I came in #15! here are the official results. Besides, those who placed 1st in each age bracket won a freshly baked apple pie! :) Robin and I were joking that next year we'll wear t-shirts that say "Running for the pie"!

Here is the course map, up in the foothills in Camino CA... it was not flat by any means, the hardest part being the last .5 mile, but overall the route was beautiful, winding through the vineyards and apple orchards. I loved it!

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