The Morrow Family

Gulping air in an attempt to balance my breathing, I thrust my palm upwards into her face as I simultaneously used my legs to throw her off of me. Finally successful in escaping the jujitsu pin, I grinned in sweaty triumph! Katrina is one wily girl! :) Twice a week we meet for self-defense private lessons with our instructor (and my husband) Scott Newman. Even though it is sweaty and sometimes leaves reminders for a few days, I am loving the boost to my personal awareness and self confidence!

Awhile back Katrina asked me if we could get together with the rest of her family and do some fun portraits. She wanted to have some special photos to take with her on her travels this next year with inner-city mission work. We met up at a local winery that has gorgeous grounds open to the public, Boeger Winery.

With only a few moments with the whole family we just got a few different backgrounds, but they turned out fun I think! The kids had more time to spare so I spent some time with each one individually. Katrina is the oldest, followed by Katy, Jeff, Michael and Kimberly; each one was full of personality and fun to get to know!

Thanks guys for putting up with my crazy requests for places to go, and patience with me as we wandered around in the heat! I enjoyed meeting the rest of Kat's family!


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  1. gorgeous pictures! (love the song in the background too!)